Saturday, 14 August 2010

Latin Mass Society summer conference: Downside, 2010- an MC's Perspective

This may turn into yet another long post, so bear with me.

This was the first southern conference I'd MCed for, but the third LMS conference- I'd done the two held in Ushaw Seminary this year and last year, and so have been getting into the swing of things, and learning a lot and gaining a lot of experience each time.

This was by far the largest one I'd done, and had the added terror of a visiting Bishop, which meant Pontifical High Mass. Anyway, I'll begin at the beginning.

Drove down with Paul Waddington, the organiser- a good smooth journey. Both of us had brought a lot of stuff: I had in my bag, as well as the things I would need for the week, a red High Mass set, borrowed fromt he parish, and a stunning Altar Missal, also borrowed. Hopefully photos will come to light, which will show them off. Also brought a set of three albs, as well as my own personal stuff, like cassock, cottas, etc. I could barely lift my bag: the things we do for Jesus.

Anyway, smooth drive down, arriving late afternoon, having picked up Leo Darroch (the illustrious president of Una Voce) en route. We gt ourselves sorted, and waited for others to arrive. These included many who I had met at Ushaw, as well as the legendary blogger Fr. Ray Blake, who was to be a constant source of entertainment throughout the week. Went over to Wells to visit one of the conference clergy, who has the next parish to Downside, and were taken out to a very nice little Italian restaurant. Then back, having borrowed some towels (some of us didn't realise they weren't provided), then back to the Abbey for bed.

I think I'll do this in stages. Will say soemthing about the first full day later


  1. Dear Richard. Sorry I missed you and the others at Downside. Couldn't make it, I'm afraid. After our successful Ushaw Conference, earlier this year (I was in your training group for servers. I am from Kent), I was hoping to meet up with you again at Downside. Glad Downside went off so well and look forward to meeting up with you again, perhaps next year. in Domino.

  2. Unlike the above post, I was privileged to join you at Downside. I very much hope to read more of your account of our shared experiences. Do write more when you can