Saturday, 21 August 2010


I love a certain type of technology, that which is operated by clockwork- you can see everything that goes on in it, and a man can usually be found, in adiscreet shop somewhere, who will call you "sir" and fix it for you if it goes wrong.

So today I trolled off into town to have a jacket adjusted, and my pocket watch repaired, it having stopped functioning some time ago, and I quite fancying having it functioning again. So along I went- just as I reached the counter, I took the watch out of my pocket, and dropped it on the floor, with a suitable gasp of horror, expecting springs to ping out of it and what have you; but no! It was now functioning perfectly! So the man gave it a little polish for me, in its workings, and gave it back to me for no charge.

I'm coming to the conclusion my guardian angel has a sense of humour...


  1. Ah, the well-known 3" drop test. Dislodges dust and Stuff.

  2. Either that. Or he's an Horologist !!!